Ronda Engineering

Ronda Spa is a northeastern industrial group operating for over 50 years in the field of mechatronics. Over the years, and on their own, starting from research and design has carried out a series of advanced mechanical and electronic technology equipment for its own factories intended for stainless steel machining for furniture components, the production of large stainless steel pipes and special alloys for the oil and gas sector.

The specialization of Ronda Group in mechatronics and the experience gained with the construction of machines and plants have led to the new startups Ronda Engineering.

Ronda Engineering is engaged in plants construction – named Ecogasgenerator – to produce electric and thermal energy from renewable sources through the use of biomass.

Its strengths are a flexible and streamlined structure that uses a qualified network of professionals and engineering companies specialized in plant and mechatronics, and a strong focus on technological innovation and research in connection with the primary certification centers and  various university faculties.


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