Ronda Engineering is a Mechatronics company of the Italian Northeast which, in  collaboration with a network of universities and research centers (including the Enea) has designed and implemented a highly innovative system to improve the disposal of municipal waste processes, industrial and agricultural, by means of the pyrolysis and gasification processes.



The technology is based on the principles of pyrolysis and gasification. The cleavage of the masses of the organic components in a gaseous fraction (synthesis gas) and a solid fraction is efficient and does not create problems in the management of the process products.

The pyrolysis and gasification transform biomass into synthesis gas (“Ecogas”) which can subsequently be converted into electric energy and heat through the use of internal combustion engines or other equipment.





materiali di alimentazione

The plant can be fed with any kind of organic biomass including MSW (organic fraction of municipal solid waste) industrial sludge, various manure and any other type of waste with the exception of glass and metal.

The Ecogasgenerator, thanks to a special drying device, can treat materials with moisture up to 80%. In case of need, the moisture of the material can be reduced to less than 1%.



The original design concept is based on the philosophy of building small plants distributed in the territory. Following this concept, the modules that make up the Ecogasgenerator plant are designed horizontally, with measures similar to the containers, easily transportable with low environmental impact. For this reason our systems do not exceed the power of 3 MWe.

The systems are mounted inside an industrial building equipped with a bridge crane, thus allowing to have a relatively small occupation area (about 1,600 square meters for 3,000 kWe) and also to facilitate and speed up all maintenance actions.



  1. the syntheses gas produced from Ecogasgenerator, is totally clean from TAR which are converted into simple gases thanks to a technique developed by Ronda Engineering. In this case, the gas is suitable for the proper use in Otto-cycle engines with much higher efficiency to the steam turbines commonly used;
  2. Ronda Engineering drying system allows to process biomass with moisture up to 80%. Therefore it is accepted the sludge from sewage, domestic waste, residues from agro-industrial processes, and any other type of biomass;
  3. the whole of the gas production process is free of any pollutant, it takes place in a completely sealed environment and without emissions into the atmosphere. So then in the absence of both water vapor resulting from the drying as well from any other type of gaseous substances;
  4. the plant is constructed exclusively in stainless steel and ceramic materials for all parts subject to high temperature;
  5. the plant is constructed in modular forms and therefore allows to perform quick assembly and maintenance, since it is built in the factory and it can simply be transported.